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After years of studying, reading, watching, & wondering about entrepreneurs and specifically women entrepreneurs, I have become positive of one thing. We need to be proactive in our finances, both personal & business. From understanding our true business profit, to understanding our money misconceptions, to realizing the steps we need to take to build and save for retirement, it is our duty and right to learn how to be financially responsible. It can be a scary topic for many. How do we eliminate that fear? How do we take the first steps in becoming financially proactive and fearless when it comes to money management?

I believe it starts with financial education. This goes well beyond just tucking a little money aside. This is about building stronger businesses and stronger financial health. Poor money management, lack of financial plans, and fear of facing our financial picture, all contribute to the number one reason businesses fail - Poor Money Management! It's time to take control of our money and set ourselves up for success! Be Sure to Check Our "Your Pink Piggy Bank Talk". A unique place where you can share your questions, fears, and successes about finances.

Get on Top of Your Pink Financial Future

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