New Consultant First Steps



On your decision to become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant!  Mary Kay Cosmetics is an amazing company, offering women the chance to use their individual talents and realize their full potential while encouraging growth and personal development.


You have joined one of the most successful units in all of Mary Kay, and I am committed to helping you succeed!  I am both your Sales Director and your National Sales Director!  There may be a million questions running through your mind right now, and I can assure you that this is normal.  You are in business for yourself, not by yourself!  Be patient with yourself, give it time, take one step at a time and you will succeed!


A system of learning has been developed just for you.  Begin with the 13 steps listed below to get started.     


Give me a call when you receive this so we can connect: 


I look forward to working with you!


Brenda, your NSD

step #1 -

get plugged in

You will be presented with your consultant logo pin at your first meeting. Earn while you learn — bring 5+ guests to events during your first 2 weeks to earn a gift from me. Please be sure to wear business attire (dress or skirt please)

step #2 -

start earning now

Print this Order Form and use the Current Look Book to make your first sales. Sell 10+ items to your first customers to earn your money bag.

step #3 -

inventory options

Please watch the video below and review the Great Start Ready, Set, Sell Brochure.  You will have a copy in your Starter Kit or you can follow by clicking the photos.

There are time-sensitive bonuses available just for you, as a new Consultant.

Make a paper copy of these items:

personal use worksheet,  information for your spouse,  and where to find money.

step #4 - your first customers

Start booking right away, if your kit has not arrived yet — it won't be long now. Click here for your Power Booking Plan.

You can earn beautiful Mary Kay jewelry, beginning with your first party or facial. When you...

Book 8 and HOLD 5 appointments = Perfect Start Charm

step #5 - your starter kit

Review the "Start Something Beautiful" magazine. Unpack all of your new products. These showcase products are for demonstration, and they are sanitary to use for yourself and for demos (use the sample wands with the mascara, so it stays sanitary). So, start using them today and fall in love with the great products you now offer! The Magazine is packed full of great tools and resources for you  Go to InTouch (directions below) and click on the Education Tab and you will find videos that show how to conduct a complete skin care party — the before, during and after!  Keep your flip chart handy for reference.  Then let me know you watched this at least one time!

The skin care party video also includes the seamless use of key digital tools — it truly shows you how to share your business services in an updated, exciting and fun way. Presented in an easy instructional manner, it uses fun pop-ups and split screens to help you understand tools, processes or tips.  

step #6 - InTouch

Log on to with your Consultant ID and create a password. You will want to memorize your login. When you are in there, you may want to set up your Mary Kay Web Site (for you as a new Consultant, it's only $30.00 for your entire 1st year! a $60 value!). To order your Business Card Kit, place cursor over “Ordering”, click on “MK Connections”, then click on “Business Marketing” (be sure to include your web site address on your cards). A $73 value for only $39.99.

To set up your ProPay Account so you are able to process debit/credit cards, place cursor over “Ordering”, click on “MK Connections”, then click on “ProPay”. It is only $39.95 for the first year.  

step #7  - earn your pearls

It's simple and fun! All we do is choose women in your life that you love, tell them about our marketing plan, they ask questions, you hear me answer and learn! We will set up times in your first two weeks to have your first trainings on the marketing plan, and earn your Pearls of Sharing! This is what you do: Have her review the Opportunity information, submit a feedback form, then we set up a quick meeting or 3-way call to answer her questions. Do this with as many girlfriends as possible, so you can learn how to share the opportunity, whether she's interested or not. When you share, you can earn great prizes:

  • First 5 sharing appointments in your 1st month = Earrings

  • Email your “I Story” to me = Bracelet  (This is what you will be saying on Page 13 of your flip chart)

  • Add 1 team member in your first 30 days = Necklace

step #8  - online training

On the Intouch Site, click on the Education Tab and the dropdown menu will show -Starter Kit/New Consultant Tools/ First Steps Online Tutorial.  Complete all the steps and text or email me that you completed them!

step #9  - money matters

You'll want to keep your business money separate from your personal money, so open up a new account. This isn't a "business checking" but a FREE personal checking account (from a bank like Wells Fargo, Bank of America or Chase) that is separate from your personal accounts. This will make tax time so much easier.  BE SURE TO GET A DEBIT CARD TO GO WITH THE ACCOUNT. Deposit your first sales funds and place your initial inventory order of $600+ wholesale to earn your checkbook cover.

step 10  - color confident

One of the most fun and exciting things you'll learn is how to be confident with color and glamour! You can earn your “Skin Care Confident” and "Advanced Color Consultant" badge from the company to proudly display on your personal website, business cards, and Facebook.  Go to Intouch, click the Education Tab and then the Skin Care Confident or Advanced Color Confident tab.

step 11  - stay plugged in

Make plans to attend success events and celebrations (yes, we love to have fun!). The company has several events each year that you will want to plug into - they are always "over the top."   Don’t miss your local weekly success meeting….those who show up, go up!  Add my contact information to your contact list

Brenda Segal

Senior National Sales Director

Gold Circle National Area

614.783.7026 mobile & texting

15 Elan Ct.

Marietta, GA 30068

step 12  - success habits

Come learn success habits from the best!  Repetition is the key to success!  Learn what to say, how to say it, when to say it.  Observe 3 skin care classes to earn this cute bracelet for your charms!  The charms are like your beauty report card!

step 13  - communicate

Communicating with me for your first 6 weeks is essential. You are free to email, text and call my cell anytime. NEVER feel like you're bothering me! I LOVE hearing your good news, questions and concerns!   If we haven’t talked yet, call me soon! 

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